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Reflecting on our Product Hunt launch

Published by Nathan on
As an indie hacker bootstrapped company, Product Hunt has always been this nearly mystic platform where we hoped to be listed one day. We never dared to launch in fear of just being lost amid the dozens of apps that launch every day. At some point though, one of our products (... Read now

5 Best Chrome extensions for Gmail in 2022

Published by Nathan on
Gmail is an incredible product. With over one billion users, it’s the most used web based email client in the world. Being a web based email client, anyone can improve it by building a chrome extension. There are thousands of those extensions for Gmail, ranging from simple additiona... Read now

Does Pipedrive CRM have a Stripe integration?

Published by Nathan on
As an internet business, being able to have all your customer information in one place is crucial. You want to avoid data silos and keep your whole team on the same page. That's probably the reason you added a CRM like Pipedrive to your company's work a... Read now