How does Nat compare to Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is a great tool. In fact, we're using it ourselves. Yet, there are a few core differences between what we're building and Mailchimp. ​Understanding those will help you better understand how to use each.

Mailchimp is a tool to manage your broader network, Nat is for your core connections.

Mass emailing is not relationship building

Newsletters don't build relationships

Sending out newsletters is totally fine. We do it as well and recommend to do it. Yet, we know that we're not building strong connections with our users through our newsletter, nor are you. 

Nat is not a newsletter tool

We're not a tool to send out newsletters. Instead, we help you focus on the individual connection you have with each one of your contacts. 

We don't automate

Mailchimp goes as far at letting you send a second email to a user who hasn't opened your last one. Nat tells you exactly who you are losing touch with and should personally reach out to. Don't try to automate your relationships.

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