Super connector: Power-up your game with the right tool

Empower yourself with the best personal CRM

What is a super-connector?

Super-connectors know everyone and everyone knows them.

These people build relationships very quickly and with a lot of people. Super-connectors are invaluable people.

They match people with opportunities and, in doing so, they leave their connections with a positive opinion of them and their abilities.

Meet your new Personal CRM

The must-have companion to keep track of your relationships and maintain them.

Find out who you need to reconnect with

We've built a powerful AI that analyses your email, calendar, SMS and phone data to resurface contacts you're losing touch with

Write notes and resurface them

We email you before every meeting with all the notes you need about who you're about to meet.

Ready to power-up your super-connector game?

Find out who you're losing touch with and remember more

Tips on how to meet new people as a super-connector

Don't go to random networking events!

This is the first thing. Networking events are not the right place. This is not where the smart people go. Instead, join some cool specific Meetups or events on Eventbrite. Public speaking events like Toast Masters are a good idea!

Use online matching apps for professionals

There are many very bad apps but a few ones are really great and worth joining. LunchClub is a good example. It matches you with other professionals in your area based on your interests for a 30m call to discuss anything. Our team has been using this app for a while and we've met many cool people.

Tips on how to maintain your connections

After you've created your account with Nat. You want to check out the Losing touch tab that contains a list of your contacts with whom you're losing touch with. Review this list carefully in the following way:

  • Hide the contacts you don't want to stay in touch with by clicking on the eye symbol
  • Reconnect with the contacts you want to maintain relationships with. Either click the shortcut button or visit their profile to get some ideas about what to talk about

Tips on how to empower your network

Use our note-taking solution to get an email before every meeting and make sure to respond to the email with some thoughts about the meeting. The notes will be saved and you'll be able to search through those notes or get them automatically resurfaced before your next meeting.

Generate opportunities for your contacts

When you sense that someone is looking to hire someone or looking for an expert in a specific industry, simply search through your notes for a few specific keywords: software developer, cryptocurrency, ... to resurface relevant contacts and introduce them if you feel this will be valuable to both parties.