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Top 4 Best Gmail Voice Recorder Apps for Chrome

Published by Nathan on
Typing emails day in and day out can get too much and sometimes, there are things that are just too hard to explain by text. For example, congratulating someone per text is not easy, and the feeling of joy and happiness is very hard to transmit. In a totally different context... Read now

5 Best CRM with Stripe integration

Published by Nathan on
I've been running a business for the past three years and have been very frustrated by how fragmented our customer data has been across our different tools: communication data is stuck in Gmailapp usage data is in Mixpanelpayment information is in Stripe... Read now

Meet these 3 Indie Hackers who are bootstrapping a Personal CRM

Published by Nathan on
The personal CRM space is a funny one. At least in the tech / silicon valley communities, everyone seems to agree that personal contact management is some sort of a problem and yet, no company has been able to solve the problem profitably.There are a few reasons for this including: ... Read now

From Personal CRM to Best CRM for consultants: Our Roadmap

Published by Nathan on
It's now been officially three years since we started this company. I still remember our first released product vividly: a chatbot where I would manually review our beta user's contacts to suggest relevant people to reach back out to. In the three years since, a lot has chan... Read now