Networking CRM: Power-up your game with the right tool

Empower yourself with the best personal CRM

What is a super-connector?

Super-connectors know everyone and everyone knows them.

These people build relationships very quickly and with a lot of people. Super-connectors are invaluable people.

They match people with opportunities and, in doing so, they leave their connections with a positive opinion of them and their abilities.

Meet your new Personal CRM

The must-have companion to keep track of your relationships and maintain them.

Find out who you need to reconnect with

We've built a powerful AI that analyses your email, calendar, SMS and phone data to resurface contacts you're losing touch with

Write notes and resurface them

We email you before every meeting with all the notes you need about who you're about to meet.

Ready to power-up your networking game?

Find out who you're losing touch with and remember more