Note-taking, the way it should be

We email you before every meeting. Simply reply to the email to log a note.

It's free (no credit card required)

Remember more

Build your own database of notes about the people you know and have met with.

Be better prepared

Have those notes resurface right when you need them: before your next meeting!

Effortless note taking

You don't need to open a new tab, just reply to the email to take notes.

Remember more

Our brain is great. We can remember a lot of stuff, but we can't remember everything that we need to.

Supercharge your memory

Let us become the tool that will help you remember all the stuff you would otherwise forget.

Keep it natural

Some people worry that using a personal crm or taking notes is wrong and not natural. That's not true. Notes are great. We let you free to write whatever you want in notes, no pre-selected fields to fill or so!

Be better prepared

You know those rush-days (usually Monday) where you just have meeting after meeting without any breaks in-between? We make those much more enjoyable!

On demand executive summary

We'll send you an email before your meetings with all the notes you've taken about all the people that are present at the meeting (except yourself, we think you know yourself!)

Don't miss meetings ever again

Didn't get that notification from your calendar? That sucks, hopefully, you'll check your inbox in time and find our email that will remind you.

Effortless note taking

Our app makes it as easy as possible (literally) to take notes about people.

Just reply to the email

Just reply to the email we sent you to log a note about the meeting. That's it. No link opening, no loading, nothing. Did you send the reply? Perfect, you're done.

Are you sure? That easy?

You'll get a reply within minutes to let you know that the note has been successfully saved (expect a green tick ✅ )

You're at the right place

We're also building the best personal CRM (in our opinion) - you can upgrade whenever you want.

Search through your notes

You can simply search through your notes from our web app, very useful to resurface this blockchain developer for your latest project.

Find out who you're losing touch with

Automatically figure out who you're losing touch with and reconnect! We have built an algorithm that analyses your email and calendar data to figure this out.

Send audio messages per email

Want to sound really personal and do things differently? Use our chrome extension to send audio messages straight from your emails.

Some questions you might have

Can I export my notes?

Of course, just email us at and we'll send you a CSV with all the notes you've taken.

Will you stick around?

Yes. Because we are building this for ourselves. We need this product as much as you do. Also, we're profitable and bootstrapped.

Is my data safe?

Yes, we don't read your emails and use top-notch security standards. Check out our page on privacy (link in the header) to find out more.

I have a question (or a problem?)

We're always available. Just email us at and we'll get back to you (or fix your issue!)