Superhuman for Contacts: Personal CRM

Superhuman is a really exciting piece of software. Rahul, Superhuman's CEO has done an amazing job at branding this premium email client and they've gotten a lot of publicity and press since they launched.

What's magic about Superhuman?

Superhuman is about making things fast above all. Rahul explains it in this podcast episode above all, they focus on speed. Gmail's co-founder initially focused on making his web based email client fast as well but as the years went, the software has become slower and slower to the point that it was time for it to be disrupted.

Besides pages loading fast, Superhuman has built its whole experience about being fast. Customers don't use their mouse, instead they use keyboard shortcuts to do everything: from archiving emails to navigating settings.

This makes Superhuman very difficult to use for lambda users, and that's the point. Superhuman is for super users.

Superhuman for X

This idea of building software that is hard to use but extremely efficient has transcended email and there are many companies now branding themselves as Superhuman for X (we actually used this tagline during the Pioneer Livestream.

So how does a Superhuman for contacts look like?

Literally copying Superhuman's features and applying them to a Personal CRM has been done by relationship management apps such as Clay or Dex but that seems a bit of an oversimplification to us. While the goal of Superhuman is to help you get through your inbox fast, the goal of a Superhuman for contacts is to help you build better, stronger and more relationships. Speed doesn't apply that much in this case.

Superhuman for contacts

To us, a Superhuman for Contacts means an interface that is extremely simple and intuitive to use. It should be fast but more importantly, it should be frustration-less.

Ready to try Superhuman for contacts?

We don't actually have a command line, nor are we hard to use but check us out!