A few words about us

Quick intro about us

It started a long time ago

We've started to work on Nat in 2018 because we just couldn't find an app to help us stay in touch with our network

We're working part time

Personal CRMs aren't great VC-backed businesses in our opinion. That's why we work on this part time.

We're totally multinational

We speak 5 languages among us and each of us lives in a different country.

Part time

Nat team

The picture above only shows you part of the team, we're actually bigger!

Stefano Amedeo


I make sure the app is safe and build integrations. You can email me at stefano@nat.app

Nathan Ganser


I spend most of my time talking to users, building backend services and writing blog articles. You can email me at nathan@nat.app



I make sure the app is enjoyable to use! I also write posts for our LinkedIn! You can email me at mari-lou@nat.app



I built the frontend of nat.app, you can reach me at fahad@nat.app

We're bootstrapped

We received a startup grant

Nathan studies at a university that gave us a 10k grant to help us get started. That really saved us!

We're part of Pioneer

Pioneer is an online accelerator. We're really glad to be part of them. Besides some credits in nice tools, the community and support we're getting is really valuable

We don't want to exit

We're here for the fun. We want this to become our company and business. It does not have to become huge. We don't want to IPO.

Remote from day 1

To this day, our team has never met in real. We've been working remotely since the beginning and part of our team has never met in real life!

Less expenses
Best talent
Happy people

We are open and transparent

Curious about our revenues? Visit our Indie Hacker page to learn more about our latest update and revenues