How does Nat compare to Hubspot

When people hear the word CRM, usually, the second word that comes up is Hubspot.

A bit about Hubspot

This huge CRM provider has made an incredible impact through its powerful SEO campaigns and their one-does-it-all sales, marketing, website building, ... products.

What this page is about

If you're familiar with Hubspot, this page will show how what aspects of our personal relationship management app are similar, and which aren't at all. 

Powerful contact list

Nat and Hubspot both show you a long list of all your contacts. Learn how Hubspot lists your contacts and how Nat does it differently.

How Hubspot does it

Hubspot didn't re-invent the wheel. They let you add multiple filters, see manually added details about your contacts and so on, but it always boils down to an A --> Z list of your contacts ranked alphabetically. 

How Nat does it

Nat, on the other side, removes all the clutter and shows your contacts, ranked based on two unique filters: In touch and Losing touch.

Which one is better?

Who do you want to see first in a list? Contacts starting with A or contacts you're losing touch with? Which one is more important? You choose!

Even more secure

The best way not to get hacked or stolen is to not have any sensitive data.

We require less sensitive data

Besides building a highly secure app, we're the only CRM tool in the world to let our users integrate using the Gmail.metadata integration. 

Hubspot reads your emails

Hubspot on the other side requires you to give read access to your emails in order to integrate your emails with their app.

Which one is right for me?

Depending on how much you value privacy and how confident you are in letting a third party read your emails, you might prefer one or the other.

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