The Personal CRM

The ultimate companion for smart CEOs, founders and consultants who want to grow their network wealth.

In our busy and ever-evolving world, the need for strong bonds and connections is greater than ever. At the Executive level, more than anywhere else, the right connections and relationships will make or break a business.

What is a Personal CRM?

CRMs have been around for a long time. Sales reps. use them to keep track of their interactions, to visualise their pipeline and to share notes about leads with their team.

From CRM to Personal CRM

A traditional CRM app like Salesforce is really just a good looking spreadsheet, there isn't any magic in there. You have to input a lot of data and keep everything up to date, otherwise it just becomes a mess.

This doesn't get anyone excited. In fact, most employees consider their CRM to be a pain and not a tool that empowers them. A personal CRM is the complete opposite. It's magic. It works for you instead of you working for it.

A few key elements that make the executive CRM different from a traditional customer relationship management app are:

  • Does not require maintenance work: It syncs with your data and keeps everything up to date on it's own. Executive CRMs know how it touch you are with your contacts without any manual input from anyone.
  • Extremely privacy friendly: As an executive, the last thing you want is your emails getting hacked and published. Unfortunately, that's what would happen if you were to use any traditional CRM solution that reads your email content. Exec. CRMs only access email metadata (timestamp, recipient & header) so that you don't need to worry about your data.

Who needs a Personal CRM

The Art of Relationship Building

The perfect tool for smart execs.

Losing touch because you're busy is no excuse. With the right tool,

Works in the background

Unlike traditional CRM apps, no maintenance work is required to make the most out of an Exec. CRM.

Provides constant value

Notifications about your connections before your next meeting and timely emails before you lose touch with someone.

Supercharge your brain

Easy note taking that resurface in your inbox when you most need them.

Close more sales

Decision makers prefer to buy from people they trust, even if they don't have the required skills (Source). This means that the quality of your relationships with potential buyers matters more than the quality of what you have to sell.

Outgrow Dunbar's number

In the 1990s, Robin Dunbar suggested that humans can't maintain a stable social relationship with more than 150 people. In our super-connected world, the need to go beyond this number is clear.

Planes have broken the physical barrier of distance and video conferencing has disrupted the concept of distance itself. Executives who have many strong connections all around the world are benefiting from an unfair advantage compared to traditional leader.

It's today possible to remember facts about 10x more people through diligent note taking and intelligent software.

Through the power of algorithms,

Ready to level-up?

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