How we are protecting you and your data

Learn more about our security and privacy measures

Why you connect your data

We import your communication metadata so that you don't have to manually log interactions.

To help you

First and foremost. You are our customer and we serve you, only you. Nothing else.

To save you time

Manually importing emails, or CC'ing us on every email you want to track would be a waste of your time.


How we access and store your data

Quick overview of our

Encrypted database

Our database is encrypted and safely hosted on AWS, which hosts data for the biggest companies on the planet.

Not for humans

Your data is only accessible by our servers. With your permission, we can look up your data to sort out an error.

Metadata only

We don't import any more data than what we need. We don't import the content of emails for example.

What we don't do

Just to make sure we're clear on this.

We don't read your emails

We can't access your email content in the first place and don't want to. Your emails are not our business.

We don't share your data

We don't share any data with third parties. The data we import from your Google account is not sent to any third party app.

We don't email your contacts

LinkedIn is famous for emailing their users contacts without their consent. We don't do that. Just to be clear.

Privacy does not stop here

Additional steps we're taking to protect your data

We encrypt tokens

Authentification tokens used to retrieve your data from Google's APIs are encrypted in our database.

Limited access

Access to production environments is limited to our technical executive team.

Encrypted connection

Like everyone, we use the industry-standard 256-bit encryption with SSL.

Regularly updated passwords

Key passwords are updated on a quarterly basis to reduce risks.

2FA when possible

We use 2FA for all our critical infrastructure.

No Keystroke tracking

We use analytics apps but don't track what you type.

Privacy FAQ

Some questions we've been asked

Do you sell my data?

No we don't. We make money by serving our customers. Also, this is not permitted by Google.

Why aren't you open source?

We plan on open-sourcing our app in 2022, give us some time :)

Can you be hacked?

Unfortunately yes. While we're doing everything in our power to mitigate risks, we can't guarantee 100% safety to your data.

I have another question

Sure! Just email your question to