How are we protecting you and your data

Use this space to tell the customer how your product works and why it is different.

Security Shield
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Why we access your emails

Because we're not approved by Gmail yet, you'll get a very scary warning when you try to sync your email. Here is why we a

To help you

First and foremost. You are our customer and we serve you, only you. Nothing else.

To save you time

Manually importing emails, or CC'ing us on every email you want to track would be a waste of your time. Through a direct integration

To make you a better networker

Networking has a bad rep but what we really mean is helping you stay in touch with more people and build more quality relationships



Clear overview of how we use your email data

Metadata only

We want to make sure we only access the data we really need. That's why we only ask for your email metadata. We never access your email content.

Not for humans

Your Gmail data is only used by machines. Our team won't read or access any of your email data unless you explicitly ask for it (for support for ex.)

Subject, who, when. That's it.

The only data we import from Gmail is this: the email subject, who emailed you or who you emailed and when. This is enough data to work with.

What we don't do

Just to make sure we're clear on this.

We don't read your emails

We can't access your email content in the first place and don't want to. Your emails are not our business.

We don't share your data with anyone

By default, we don't share any data with third parties. The only exception to this rule is Mixpanel, our analytics apps, which receives information about how you use our app only.

We don't email your contacts

LinkedIn is famous for emailing their users contacts without their consent. We don't do that. Just to be clear.

Privacy does not stop here

Additional steps we're taking to protect your data

We encrypt tokens

As required by Google, the authentification tokens we use to retrieve your Gmail data are safely encrypted in our database.

Limited access

Access to production environments is limited to authorized team members only.

Encrypted connection

We use the industry-standard 256-bit encryption with SSL.

Regularly updated passwords

Key passwords are updated on a quarterly basis to reduce risks.