Personal CRM for relationship building

Stay in touch with the customers that matter to your business

Nat is a CRM built from the ground up to be the best possible solution to stay in touch with contacts, clients and leads.

2-minute overview by our CEO

Find out how we use our own solution on a daily basis

Connect your email and calendar

Simply integrate your most important communication sources

Interaction data

Import your emails and meetings automatically

Contact data

Import your full contact book

Company information

Import all customer data from Stripe and Segment

Ongoing syncs
1-click set up

Take notes within Gmail

Save notes about meetings easily. No need to open an app.

Right inside your email client

On your computer and smart phone, simply take notes within Gmail.

Prepare for your next meeting

All your previous notes are displayed to help you get ready for your meeting

Get notified when you're losing touch

Your contacts are automatically categorised to help you identify relationships that need nurturing.

Smart AI
Simple snooze system


Who is this for?

Our personal CRM is designed for consultants, company owners and freelancers who value relationships above everything else.

Do you offer refunds?

We do! We're not trying to trick anyone. Just email us at . We'll refund you for payments done up to 180 days in the past. Your happiness matters.

I don't get it? Is there a bug?

If something is not clear or does not seem to be working, just reach out to use at - we'll get this sorted!

Do You Sync with Whatsapp, SMS, ...?

No, we don't unfortunately. Partly because of some technical limitations but mainly because it seems like people don't struggle to stay in touch with their Whatsapp friends. You only need to scroll down to find all the people you interacted with recently and follow up.

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