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Nat is an executive CRM that helps CEOs, founders and consultants to stay in touch with their network by figuring out who they're losing touch with automatically based on their data.

Nat A.I.

We've built a smart algorithm that analyses your data to figure out how in touch you are with your contacts. By looking at the frequency and type of interactions, Nat get's a good idea of how in touch you are with your contacts.

Fully automated
Privacy friendly

Relationship To-do List

We create your own custom relationship To-do list. A list of the people you need to reach back out to.

Powered by AI

Our AI will analyse your data to understand who you're losing touch with.

One look

You only need one look to understand who you're losing touch with. No complex dashboard.

Simple Todo system

Instead of checking off boxes, reach out to your contacts.

Quick to set up

Unlike other relationship management apps, setting up a fully working CRM takes less than 5 minutes thanks to our automations.

Easy to use

No manual data entry, no time spent logging meetings or emails. No reminder setting or other annoying things. It's all automated: Nat knows how in touch you are with your contacts.


We're one of the only personal CRM apps that offer a Gmail metadata integration. This means that we'll never access your email content. Your emails are not our business.

Security Shield

Privacy: Your emails are not our business

Metadata only

We want to make sure we only access the data we really need. That's why we only ask for your email metadata. We never access your email content.

Not for humans

Your Gmail data is only used by machines. Our team won't read or access any of your email data unless you explicitly ask for it (for support for ex.)

Subject, who, when. That's it

The only data we import from Gmail is this: the email subject, who emailed you or who you emailed and when. This is enough data to work with.

Personal CRM

Nat is the ideal tool to keep track of your interactions and store data about your contacts.

Interaction logging
Send emails
Write notes

How it works

Get started in 3 steps


Sync your Emails

Gmail makes this a breeze. We're not approved by Gmail yet so we'll guide you through the process during a personal onboarding call.


Review contacts

Nat knows how in touch you are with people, but not who you care about. That's why you'll still need to go through your contacts. Nat will already have filtered out most un-relevant contacts, don't worry.


That's it!

You now have a clean list of high-value contacts you've been losing touch with!

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$25/ mo
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Who is this for?

Our app is for busy people who don't want to spend hours maintaining their contact book but care about staying in touch. Consultants, salespeople and freelancers have been enjoying our app a lot.

Do you offer refunds?

We do! Email us at or contact us via the chat bubble. We'll refund you for payments done up to 180 days in the past. Your happiness matters.

I don't get it? Is there a bug?

If something is not clear or does not seem to be working, just book a call with our CEO and he'll sort it out live with you. You can book a slot here:

Do You Sync with Whatsapp, SMS, ...?

No, we don't unfortunately. Partly because of some technical limitations but mainly because it seems like people don't struggle to stay in touch with their Whatsapp friends. You only need to scroll down to find all the people you interacted with recently and follow up.

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