LinkedIn Video: Spring update for our Personal CRM

LinkedIn Video: Spring update for our Personal CRM

If you haven't checked out our app in a while, now might be a good time to do so!

We've added some new super exciting features such as the ability to send voice notes per email and a progress dashboard!

Here is a video by our CEO that was initially published on LinkedIn:

New features

Log interactions that happened outside of Gmail/GCal

Our app connects to your Gmail and Calendar data by default, that's why you don't need to worry about logging emails or calendar meetings in our app.

But what about your conversations per SMS or phone calls? You will still need to log those interactions manually in our app, and that's why we've built this feature!

Send audio notes per email

Sending voice messages per message has just become a normal thing. It's human, personal and conveys the message very well. Why not do this in email? This is why we've built this. Send your first message here.

Send emails from the app

I recently recorded a video where I reviewed how sending emails works with our competitors:

It was really interesting to see how difficult they made it. We think that this is wrong and that's why we've built a feature to send emails straight from the app!

Progress dashboard

You can't improve what you don't measure as they say. That's why we wanted to make it possible for our customers to see results. With our new progress dashboard, you can now see how your network is evolving over time. Use it to motivate to act and to make you feel good once you have.

We're now working on internal improvements and performance issues. Any ideas or feedback would be awesome to help us shape our Personal CRM. You can always reach out at

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