Send audio messages from Gmail

Audio messages are great. We use them everyday in iMessages & Whatsapp. We brought them to Gmail.

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Easily record your voice

Our record button will be added to the bottom right of every new draft you create.

1-click recording

Just click on the icon to start recording.

Audio stored on your computer only

Your audio recording is stored locally on your computer. We don't store it anywhere else.

Be memorable and trustable

Email is just text and humans don't relate to it. Audio messages are much more personal and create a real connection with the listener.

Why should you send audio emails?

A few powerful use cases...

Explain complex ideas

Some things are hard to explain per text. Send an audio message instead.

Communicate better

Text can be understood in many ways. Your voice and tone says a lot, use it.

Build trust

Working remote or dealing with distant partners? Send an audio message to build trust and strengthen the relationship.

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