Google Contacts integration for your Rolodex

Google Contacts integration for your Rolodex

We are always working to help our users stay in touch with their network and improving our algorithms to provide the best and smoothest experience when using our app.

That's why over the past few months, we've been working on and recently deployed a new feature to improve the overall usability of our Personal CRM: the integration with Google Contacts.

You might not know it but Gmail comes with a Contacts app that automatically populates as you use your inbox when sending and receiving emails. It's basically a Gmail address book, you can use to organize, review and merge your contacts.


Duplicate contact problem

Most people nowadays use more than one email address, whether for work or personal use; Unfortunately, there is no easy way to know that and is the same person.

Since it was difficult to assess when two different emails belonged to the same person, our algorithm would struggle to correctly assess the relationship you had with that person.

Incoherent data syncing between your Personal CRM and Google Contacts

Another issue that Personal CRM users face is that they start to have differences in what's in their relationship management app and their contact book. This is for example the case if you can create contacts straight from your Personal CRM app, which then are not in your contact book.

While a two-way sync is an option we're considering, our current approach is to simply import your contacts from Google Contacts. So if you want to manually add a contact to your personal relationship manager, simply create it in GContacts and we will import it automatically.

The same applies if you want to change the name of one of your contacts. Instead of having to do it twice (in your contact book and in your personal CRM), you only have to do it in your contact book, and the change will be applied to your account in

Data enrichment from your contact book

By default, there is very little information that is provided from someone's email address. But through connecting with contact books, we can now import profile pictures, names, phone numbers and notes you've taken.

Remember those notes you took in Google Contacts a few years ago and thought you'd never be able to leverage? We import them automatically and make them searchable.


Automatically Merge & Fix your Google Contacts data

With the neat Merge & Fix function, Google's algorithms can consolidate your contacts. Google leverages advanced AI to analyse your contact book and identifies contacts that are duplicates. Once you merge those, the changes will be applied in your personal CRM app as well.

This helps our own algorithms to understand when two or more emails belong to the same person. So, no more duplicated contacts! In addition to that, your data will be much more accurate.

Immagine 2021-03-05 103713.jpg

To summarise, all the data contained in your Google Contacts app will now be imported into Nat; so you will be able to see phone numbers, profile pics, notes etc... and search them as well!

This way, you finally have a centralised place for all your contacts where you can save and log notes, interactions as well as leverage our automated calendar and email integration.

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