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We automatically find out who are your super-users by combining your email and app data.

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CRM for startups

Why you need a tool to manage your users in order to succeed

Your users are everything

Without them, you won't go anywhere. Yet, most startup founders struggle to talk to their users and build strong relationships with them. You will need your users to be honest with you, share their thoughts and accept bugs and errors.

The only way to make this work in to build genuine trust with them and trust is build through relationship building.

You are busy

Replying to support requests is the easy part. And it's expected. Delighting users is reaching back out a week later to ask if everything is still working. Unfortunately, it's very hard to just remember to reach out again. That's why you need a tool to help you remember.

How Nat will help you

Nat will analyse your app data (via Segment) and your communication data (via email) and figure out who you should reach back out to.

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How it works

Integrate with Segment is a customer data platform that lets you add analytics once to your app, and use it with all your analytics tools, including ours.

Connect with Gmail

Connect the inbox you're using to talk to your users. We will use this data to better understand which users are already active.

Give it some time

Data will start pouring in from your app and email. Your inbox will be processed within a few hours and your app data will be added as users sign-in and use your app

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One place for your user data

Interaction timeline

See a timeline of all your user's interactions: app visits, emails, onboarding calls and more.

Email a user straight from the app

Email your users straight from the app. No need to switch between analytics and Gmail. Send audio messages to build stronger connections.

Write notes and add tags

Label your users by niche to create different personas and segments. Write notes about what you learned during your last user interview.

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See how our CEO uses Nat to stay in touch with our users

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