Our roadmap

What we've been up to and were we're headed!


Launching our web app

In September 2019, we launched our first web app.


Building an integration with Segment

In March 2020, we launched an integration with a tool called Segment.com that allows our business customers to stay in touch with their app users.


Gmail metadata integration

In june 2020, we launched our Gmail metadata integration which allows our users to make the most of our app without having to share any sensitive email data with us.

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Redesign our app

This is the next step. Our frontend developer and designer are working hard to ship the completely new designed app. Expect awesome note-taking and a much nicer interface.


Calendar integration

We want to give back as much as we can to our users. Through integrating with your calendar, we'll be able to send you a summary of your interactions with someone before your next meeting and much more.

Feedback? Ideas?

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