Uphabit MacOs Personal CRM: Review 2021

Uphabit MacOs Personal CRM: Review 2021

In this video, I'm reviewing Uphabit's Desktop version.

I was very excited to see this app as they're the only personal relationship manager I'm aware of that has a native Mac App Store solution. Enjoy the video and feel free to share your feedback!

Here is a short summary of the video:

  • The design and user interface in general is quite clunky. It feels like they've simply taken the mobile version and enlarged it.
  • There is no ability to sync email on the desktop version. Instead this has to be done on mobile.
  • A snooze feature is not relevant but seems to be at the core of their app (personal opinion).

As you can see, I'm not a big fan of the app I reviewed this time. It's the first time I'm that disappointed.

What is a Personal CRM?

A personal relationship manager is a business tool that allows users to organise their contacts in order to improve their network and grow and nurture both business and personal relations.

Why do you need a Personal Relationship Management App?

When it comes to success and personal growth, you have to think long term. Forging relationships is foundational to such a far-sighted strategy. Entrepreneurs spend countless hours thinking about how they can improve their business, there is no reason professionals shouldn’t do the same about improving their relationships and network.

As says David A. Fields:

Relationships are everything. I define wealth as relationship strength.

Ask yourself this question: Do you have many contacts and connections that could potentially generate a lot of opportunities for you? Just look at LinkedIn, if you were in touch with all of your connections, how would things be different? How many more partnerships, job offers or ideas would you get?

If you want to increase efficiency, become more organised, and increase your income than you definitely need to consider personal CRM. Nowadays such a system may be useful for any person from real estate agent to top manager of a large enterprise.

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