From Personal CRM to Best CRM for consultants: Our Roadmap

From Personal CRM to Best CRM for consultants: Our Roadmap

It's now been officially three years since we started this company. I still remember our first released product vividly: a chatbot where I would manually review our beta user's contacts to suggest relevant people to reach back out to.

In the three years since, a lot has changed. We have met our first thirty paying customers and built a product we are very proud of.

We have unfortunately also discovered a few red flags that are worrying us, namely:

  • The problems our customers have and want a personal CRM to solve vary greatly
  • The perceived value our solution offers ranges from close to nothing to many hundreds of dollars per years
  • The usage of our product is low on average (less than once per week)
  • Churn is higher than average for our line of services

All these data points converge to the same conclusion: We have not found product market fit. We have not built a product that solves a big enough problem for a big enough market.

Best CRM for boutique consultants

To solve this and allow us to reach the kind of revenue levels we will be satisfied with, we have decided to focus on a segment of our customer base and build the best possible solution for those customers: Consultants.

The market is full of complicated clunky CRMs that are hard to use and ugly which is why we have decided to focus all our attention on building the best solution in the world for those independent boutique consultants.

On our website, you will find only one industry we'll target: consultants. Nothing else. We have started to work closely with our own consultant customers to define exactly what their problems are and how to best solve them and we will keep working in close collaboration with them and other consultants who will join us on the journey.

Upcoming features for consultants only

Next up, we're going to build a set of features meant specifically for consultants in order to help them manage their whole workflow, from prospecting and sales to project management and follow-up.


Specifically, we will add a new Project section to our CRM app. A project is anything from a deal with a partner, a new hiring conversation or a consulting project. Our customers will be able to add contacts to projects, add tasks and information to the project.

Automatically, will populate the project with all the meetings and email interactions you're having with the added contacts. Once the project is completed, your CRM will make sure you don't lose touch with those contacts by resurfacing them from time to time.

This feature will be released in the coming month, first we have to take care of more urgent business :)

If you have any feature requests or ideas on how we could make our app more useful to you, now is the time to reach out!

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