What is the best app to take notes about contacts

What is the best app to take notes about contacts

Note-taking apps have become very popular productivity apps in recent years. Apps like Notion and Roam have taken on giants like Evernotes for good reasons.

Taking notes is a key part of our busy digital lives. We just can’t keep everything in our head and need a tool to save our thoughts and resurface them when needed.

Thus the question: What is the best note-taking app to save notes about contacts?

Why not just use any note taking app?

It’s a very relevant question! Is there a difference between taking notes about contacts and just taking notes in general? Generally, note-taking is a short term thing. We jot down some todos or ideas that we will process soon.

But for contacts the notes we take are really a long-term thing: you’re building a database of memories and facts about a person that you want to resurface the next time you meet or when needed.

Contact note taking apps comparison


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What makes the note-taking experience different with Nat is that you never have to open any app or page. Everything is done in your inbox. The second difference is that the app proactively encourages you to take notes at the right time: just after a meeting.

Before any meeting with at least one attendee, you will receive an email with all the notes you’ve taken about the person you’re about to meet.

This is unseen and super practical as this is exactly when you need those notes! No need to search through a big notes database anymore, the notes come to you.

Finally, after the meeting, you can simply add a note by replying to the email which makes the whole experience super simple and frictionless.


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Roam has become extremely popular in Silicon Valley for very good reasons. The concept behind this note-taking app is that notes should not be classified in folders but instead as a massive interconnected web of notes.

This makes it very interesting to take notes about identifiable things like contacts. Every time a contact is mentioned in a note, it will be linked and related to all the other times that contact appeared in notes.

And you can then simply search notes by contacts and easily resurface all the notes about Jane or John.

Evernote, Notion or Apple Notes

If none of those solutions fit your specific needs, you can always go back to a more traditional note-taking solution that is as flexible as possible.

Evernote for example pre-fills the title of notes based on what event is currently happening in your calendar, a very handy shortcut.

Notion lets you create beautiful note templates that you can reuse, for example, you could have a Contact template with basic information you want to add like their job title or birthday.

Finally, Apple Notes is very well designed and integrated into the Apple ecosystem, you can search through notes from Search Spotlight which allows you to resurface notes about contacts by searching for their names.

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