Numbers matter

Numbers matter

Do you believe that numbers don’t matter? Well, we do think they matter! Let’s break this cliché :)

Downsides of tracking numbers

Before we tell you why it’s important, let’s have a look at the downsides. First of all, we’ve evolved in a culture with social media where numbers of likes, comments, and followers became a kind of obsession. It can reflect a form of status and social proof. If you’re not aware of all the psychological tricks that are used to make you consume more, you finish ending up comparing yourself with others. Which can destroy your ego, because everything seems perfect on social media.

Chasing for numbers, you can also end up chasing for mediocrity. Big numbers may have a sort of satisfaction effect. Do you know this feeling, when you completed 10 tasks… No, 20 tasks on your to-do list?! But actually, none of them had a real impact on your business. It’s like these fake followers you see on Instagram. Profiles having +1000 followers but barely reaching +10 likes on their pictures. Chasing mediocrity doesn’t lead to engagement and improvement.

So, why bother?

Despite all the downsides it comes with, why is tracking numbers still important? Because it allows you to track… Your progress! And if like us, one of your values is to constantly keep improving, then you’d better track that progress! Why?

So you keep motivated. Isn’t it satisfying to see how many times you ran this year? How often you’ve put your phone down and reduced the screen time? If you align the numbers with your goals, they will help you to know if you’re in the right direction for your business, your health, or your life :’).

We help you do that on

We recently released a new feature called Progress. Over one month period, you see how many people you were in touch with and not in touch with. So you can track your progress by reconnecting with your network. And we left some space for you to shape your future, showing the tendency over the next seven days :D.

We already had some success stories. And to be honest, we’ve built this feature also for ourselves. To keep motivated, to know whether we’re in the right direction, and to keep improving! It’s also a proof of concept for us - we see the impact Nat’s making on your networks, and we’re loving it!

Network's evolution of a user of


To wrap it up: we shouldn’t obsess about the numbers, but they do matter to keep track of your own progress. Don’t compare your numbers with someone else. Compare Your numbers from yesterday with the ones from today, and improve whenever you can!

Take care of yourself and your network ❤️

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