How to send voice emails in Gmail

How to send voice emails in Gmail

Covid has changed our world in many ways: locking us at home, reducing our social interactions and massively increasing our online communications.

One curious thing I realised is that I talk far less! I'm working from home most of the day, sending emails and messages. If not for the few calls (that I try hard to avoid), I don't speak!

This is really sad as I enjoy talking and besides my personal preference for voice communication, it is also a much more human and powerful way to exchange information.

It is how we understand the other person's feelings and emotions. I love sending emails and have been using Gmail for years now. I also love sending voice notes through iMessage and WhatsApp, but could never find a way to send those per email. That's why we built a tool to solve this problem.


Our Chrome extension lets you record a voice note and automatically attaches it to your email. You can listen to it to make sure you sound good before sending it.

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Your audio data is only stored locally on your computer so you can enjoy total privacy as well. We hope you'll enjoy using it as much as we do!

Send your first voice note today and make someone's day who has not heard your voice for a long time!

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