Does Pipedrive CRM have a Stripe integration?

As an internet business, being able to have all your customer information in one place is crucial. You want to avoid data silos and keep your whole team on the same page. That's probably the reason you added a CRM like Pipedrive to your company's work apps in the first place.

Unfortunately, you find yourself constantly switching between your Stripe dashboard and your company CRM. Why not just merge the two?

You are of course absolutely right to be looking for this. Ideally, you'd want a single app where you can integrate all your data sources at once. It turns out that Pipedrive does not actually offer such an integration natively.

Using a third party integrator

The only solution left if you want to integrate Pipedrive with Stripe is to use a third party integrator that will export your data from Stripe and import it as good as it can into Pipedrive. This has a few drawbacks:

  • You add a point of failure to your systems. If the third party integrator fails or gets hacked, you're fully exposed
  • Non-native integrations s*ck (harsh truth but there is no good way to display payment data unless one builds this on purpose. In the case of Pipedrive, since they did not do that, the integrator will have to find workarounds such as adding payments as 'notes').
  • You will have to pay extra (on top of paying for both Pipedrive and Stripe, you'll have to pay for the services of the integrator).

Take a look at Ulgebra, this integrator built an integration between Stripe and Pipedrive, allowing you to connect the two apps.

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