5 Best Chrome extensions for Gmail in 2022

5 Best Chrome extensions for Gmail in 2022

Gmail is an incredible product. With over one billion users, it’s the most used web based email client in the world. Being a web based email client, anyone can improve it by building a chrome extension.

There are thousands of those extensions for Gmail, ranging from simple additional features to fully fledged CRMs.

In this article, I will share the five best Chrome extensions that you absolutely need to be using if you love Gmail!

Vocal - Send voice messages per Gmail


Your voice message is then attached as an .mp3 file and your correspondent can listen to your message straight from his or her email client.

3 key features

  • Easily send voice messages
  • Edit your signature
  • Save time by recording instead of writing

You can get Vocal for free here

GMass - Automatic follow-ups and bulk emailing

Screenshot 2021-11-18 at 16.32.51.png

It’s wonderfully easy and has one magic feature: you can schedule emails to be sent if your recipient does not reply.

3 key features:

  • Send bulk emails
  • Automatic follow-ups if no reply
  • Import emails from Google Sheets

You can get Gmass here

Simplify - Cleaner interface with less clutter


3 key features

  • Removes all the stuff you don’t need
  • Focus on beautiful emails
  • Compatible with all the other extensions

You can get Simplify here

Mailman - Snooze your inbox

Screenshot 2021-11-18 at 16.34.14.png

This is the philosophy of the team who built Mailman. I’ve chosen to receive a first batch of emails at noon and a second one just before the end of my work day. That’s it!

3 key features

  • Stop this endless flow of incoming emails
  • Choose a few VIP contacts that will still be able to reach you
  • Superfast setup

You can get Mailman here

Streak - Full CRM inside Gmail with snippets

Screenshot 2021-11-18 at 16.34.43.png

Besides being a fully fledged CRM, it offers small features that I love, in particular, the ability to save and easily add snippets to emails!

3 key features

  • Send bulk emails
  • Project Management capabilities
  • Save and attach snippets easily to emails

You can get Streak here

Hope you enjoyed this list!

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